HON HAMN metal stamping die is focus on WHITE GOOD product and able to offer stationary die, semi-progressive, progressive die and family die. The Maximum dimension is 2,000mm (L) * 1,200mm (W) and match with 400-Ton Press Machine.

Base on customer’s samples or design drawings, HON HAMN engineers use professional 2D and 3D software to provide engineering service such as Products Assembly Check and Design Optimization, avoid design change after die manufacturing, and stable the production quality and increase the lifetime of die.

All punches are insert type design for quick maintenance and replacement at production factory, no need to rebuild the whole plates when small areas of punches is damaged. Our design allows insert type punches can sharpen and recondition to extend the tooling life. From design to completion, all work is performed under HON HAMN comprehensive quality system and assuring on-time delivery of high-quality products.

In order to provide High Quality, Good Service and Competitive Price, HON HAMN has High-Precision Wire-Cut EDM, EDM and CNC machines, continuously update the latest technology and training for employees to optimize and invest in the mold making capabilities and processing machines. HON HAMN talented designers and skilled toolmakers work closely with the customers to provide insight into cost reduction areas in all phases of the die build.

Well organized and safe environment for precise and stable manufacturing.

High-Precision Wire-Cut EDM, EDM and CNC machines.

Professional on Stationary and Progressive Metal Stamping Die.

C Si Cr Ni Mn Mo V W
CARBON STEEL 760 1050 S50C CK53 S50C
High-strength carbon steel.
Annealed HB 200 0.5 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.8 - - -
  Not good in welding properties and hardenability, butno temper brittleness, cutting performance is Acceptable. More used as a mold base or cavity Insert with lower requirement
HOT WORK TOOL STEEL 618 P20(Modified) PDS3 1.2311 3Cr2Mo
Pre-hardened general-purpose plastic mold steel.
Prehardened to HB 290-330 0.38   1.9   1.5 0.15    
 Good etching and polishing for mold texture, pre-hardened steel.It could use as cavity insert without quenching.
718 P20(Modified) PDS5 1.2738 3Cr2Mo
Pure and uniform, containing about 1% nickel.
Prehardened to HB 290-310 0.38 0.3 2.0 1.0 1.4 0.2    
High quality mold inserts, suitable for non-Flame Retardant plastic tooling of PA, POM,PS, PE, PP, ABS.
718H P20(Modified)   1.2738 3Cr2Mo
Pre-hardened, Pure and uniform, containing about 1% nickel.
Prehardened to HB 330-380 0.38 0.3 2.0 1.0 1.4 0.2    
S136 420 SUS420J2 1.2083 3-4Cr13
High purity, high degree of mirror polishing on optical application, excellent ability of anti-rust and anti-acid.
Annealed to HB 200 0.38 0.8 13.6   0.5   0.3  
High quality mold inserts with mirror surface finish and good corrosion resistance, anti-corrosive cooling channel, suitable for plastic tooling of Pre-hardened condition PVC, PA, POM, PC, PMMA.
S136H 420H SUS420J2 1.2316 3-4Cr13
Pre-hardened, high purity, high degree of mirror polishing on optical application, excellent ability of anti-rust and anti-acid.
Prehardened to HB 290-330 0.38 0.8 13.6   0.5   0.3  
8407 H13 SKD61 1.2344 4Cr5MosiV1
Hot work steel, high toughness and good heat resistance.
Annealed to HB 185 0.38 1.0 5.3   0.4 1.3 0.9  
  Suitable for long lasting required cavity insert, metal casting, extrusion die and plastic mold of PA, POM, PS, PE and engineering plastic.
Oil-hardened steel without deformation, the best oil-hardened tool steel.
Annealed to HB 190 0.95   0.6   1.1   0.1 0.6
Widely used, good processing performance, abrasion resistance, minor thermal dimensional deformation. Not good in toughness and corrosion resistance. Commonly used in stamping die,bending die, punching metal tools.
XW-41 D2 SKD11 1.2379 Cr12MoV
High wear resistance, minor deformation of cold work steel.
Annealed to HB 240 1.55 0.3 11.6   0.3 0.8 0.9  
Air-hardened tool steel, heat-treated hardness up to 60HRC. Used to make large cross-section, complex shape to withstand impact, high wear resis-tance of cold work tool steel, steel dies, trimming die.
Q1 Are you trading company or factory ?

HON HAMN's Headquarter and R&D Dept. is located in Taiwan, and Our Factory is located in Dongguan, GuangDong Province, China.

Q2 How can I ensure my technical information and know-how will be protected?

We can sign NDA's agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to restrict the usage and additional disclosure of the shared information, knowledge, or materials.

Q3 I have an idea/ sample but don’t have drawing, what can I do?

Please share the project detail to us, and we can provide ON STOP SERVICE.

Q4 What type of files can you accept?


Q5 Your trading terms ?


Q6 Your payment terms ?

For plastic injection molds and metal stamping dies : 30% T/T in advance before starting design & 70% T/T before shipment.
For Mass Production, 100% T/T in advance, D/P (Cash against Document) are workable.

Q7 What type of metal stamping die do you make?

Stationary Dies, Family Dies and Progressive Dies.

Q8 What information should I give to you for inquiry?

1) 2D/3D drawing
2) Types of Die: Stationary or Progressive
3) Number of Die processes
4) Machine specs where Die set will be loaded
5) Other special requirements

Q9 What is your advantage?

Our steel material are all certified with BRAND and imported from German and Japan for stronger and stable quality.

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