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HON HAMN METAL STAMPING DIE Project Rewarded by the largest manufacturer of Air Conditioners in Middle East

Founded in 1974, the largest manufacturer of air conditioners in Middle East,the company manufactures and markets the complete range of air conditioners, from room air conditioners to packaged units to large chillers for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Today, the company produces about one million air conditioners per year and supply air conditioning products to over 55 countries across the world, with its major markets located in the GCC, Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Asia.

The company is from a premier business group engaged in the development of innovative design and engineering solutions for use in the construction industry and a leading manufacturer and fabricator of construction materials including Steel, Insulation, and Concrete. Through its various industrial sectors, it provides a broad range of products and solutions that meet the increasing needs and requirements of the global building and construction industry. The landmark projects are including holy mosque, airport, school, hospital, shopping mall...etc.

In year 2014, HON HAMN was honored to be rewarded the new ODU (Outdoor Unit) project which including total 37 numbers of metal stamping STATIONARY DIE and PROGRESSIVE DIE. Combining the advantages of both design concepts and offer total solution to optimize the products, with QUALITY ASSURANCE of METAL STAMPING DIES, a lot of production cost can be saved easily.

1. User friendly and safety proof design for operators.
2. Longer and stronger tool life with branded imported steel material.
3. Less frequency of shut down during mass production.
4. High and stable component quality, low rejection ratio and less manual reworks.
5. Insert type design for quick change and easy maintenance or replacement.

HON HAMN’s mold and die manufacturing team and staff uphold a high standard of work, and combined with the advanced engineering and professional experience of our Taiwan project managers and engineers, ensure that the products are manufactured with high quality and in a timely manner.

Remarked by the Head of MFG & ENGG Services, “The project lead time was critical and short for the number of dies and sizes we asked for. HON HAMN delivered this project with short lead time. When we received the dies, we were able to run them for production, which tells much about quality of the dies and design met. When we asked for some design changes and HON HAMN attended that very well. Also, when we faced some hiccups because of the urgency of committed time for project takeoff we knew we can count on HON HAMN. Moreover, HON HAMN were committed for warranty, weather for free replacement due to design change, some stiffed dies metal due to heat-treatment, or even due to shortfall of our machines. HON HAMN service and excellence is the kind of one required when partaking important projects. HON HAMN has been proactive, responsive and prompt.”

HON HAMN has provided more than 800sets of PLASTIC INJECTION MOLD and METAL STAMPING DIE and over hundreds of items for this valued customer since 1995. HON HAMN looks forward in continuing this valuable partnership to achieve great success with HIGH QUALITY, GOOD SERVICE & COMPETITIVE PRICE.

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